Planning to Introduce Your Small Company To A Medium Company?

From where does a business start? It starts within the founder’s network. The founder’s contact list plays the most vital role when starting the business.

Just by using your personal network, you can broaden your business. Your network can take your business from zero to small, from small to medium, and can even make it a million-dollar business! Yes, all by the personal network.

This is why you should make the most out of your personal network from the beginning. Let me tell you how.

The process of using your personal network is very systematic yet easy.

Always keeping in touch with a hundred or more people manually is very time consuming and impractical. We need a solution to this. And in 2019, there is technology to make your life easier than ever before!

Download a Contact Management System or a Contact Manager first. It will help you to keep track of your contacts by storing all their information on it. If you google ‘free CRM software’ (Customer Relationship Management), you will find them easily available and accessible on the internet. I used the one from HubSpot and so I would recommend you to use it too.

After downloading the contact management system, upload all your contacts on it. Keep all the details and additional information.

Then keep approaching your contacts every week. Communicate with your contacts periodically on a weekly basis. At the end of every week, ask yourself, “How many of them did I reach in the last week?” and if your own reply does not sound satisfactory to you, start reaching more and more people!

This sounds pretty simple, right? But once you start doing it, you might not do it regularly or you might stop following the steps chronologically or other works might come up and you might start getting involved in them. This can happen and this might happen. And what is the solution to this situation?

Hire an executive!

After uploading the contacts we can give the executive the responsibility to follow-up, “I am going to help you in any way I can but you do the whole thing”. Make sure you are always updated with your contacts. Most of your potential clients come from your own contacts.

Your “contacts” is your most valuable asset, always remember this. So, try to build a broadened network. The bigger network you build, the more contacts you get, and thus you increase your biggest asset!

We might sit on a diamond mine but there will not be any output until we mine it! You need to leverage your key resource- your contacts, to get the best output. And gradually, your leads will increase. In this way, our business will surely become more wide-ranging than before!

So here is a video on “How to leverage your personal network to take your business from small to medium”

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